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on and off page by Richard Vanderhurst

With all of the hot subjects in SEO these days, it’s straightforward for newbie’s to miss the fundamentals, or for those more experienced to forget about them. So long as there’s a need for SEO, the core elements will always be “importance and authority” and it is important for us to understand what these mean.

This is also called content optimization or “on-page optimization”.

There are a large amount of strategies for making quality content and for on-page optimization, except for now you simply need know that “importance” is predicated on content.

It is not possible to have a good SEO technique without firmly integrating both content creation / optimization and link building. Take a glance at water: it is a unique entity made of elements in perfect combination but if one of these elements is missing, it is not water. SEO works the same way: you want both Significance and Authority for an internet site to attain the very best rankings. Sadly, plenty of folk today are attempting to optimize sites and are forgetting one or the other. Inversely, a site can have superb content that is completely optimized, but if it only has a few inbound links, it probably will not rank well.

However if you’ve a site which has great topical content and you build links from other sites, it will have both it will rank. It would take time, but it will rank. I’d like to answer those questions here, but the answers could fill up many books. There are numerous other subtleties and factors that go into improving rankings, but it is crucial for each one of us, whether experienced or beginner, to realize significance and authority first.


Written by richardvanderhurst

October 11, 2009 at 7:47 pm

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