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Website Linking by Richard Vanderhurst

When it comes to building links and generating coverage of your internet site and products online, there is an ability that frequently gets overlooked. Relationship building gets plenty of lip service these days, but I occasionally wonder how many tiny companies truly, really know how much work goes into it.

Relations go past reading a single blog post or scanning a Facebook page, it implies investing time in somebody. With so much focus today on link baiting, the idea of making the effort to make an individual connection to secure a link has been tossed aside.

Of course, who wants to invest resources in folks when you can make up fake stories story and generate thousands of links in a weekend? The issue here is that expanding your business is about more than building a large amount of links. Sure, link baiting strategies can generate links and can end up in a lift in your search rankings, but you still need to balance the true cost of a link. Is the worth only in the potential search ranking impact, or is it in the possibility for new purchasers and high conversion rates? What about the aptitude for future links from the same sources down the road? It became clearer the links were not built primarily based on worth or credibility. Is a day coming when search engines begin to devalue all links made by link baiting? I suspect it’s much more likely the strategy will begin to wear on folk and lose it’s efficacy.

I also think it’s rather more likely that site owners will start to notice that all those links are not sending much in the way of engaged traffic and possible customers. Anyone that has spent time in a university or raising youngsters knows how simple it is to get attention. You’re making a scene, pitch a fit, dance on a table or do any amount of things engineered to shock or surprise.

When it comes to link bait, you may also get masses of links. Simply won attention is fleeting, it does not last for long. I have seen this occur with links and link baiting. It showed up in a wild fire and then disappeared just as fast.

When I look thru my logs, I could see how very little time this traffic spent on the site, most disappeared with shorter page view times than it might have taken to read even a part of the content.

Just about none of this traffic ended in a conversion and there wasn’t any residual linking effect from the traffic. On the other hand, that same content only generated a few links from bloggers and internet sites in the same vertical.


Written by richardvanderhurst

September 11, 2009 at 7:29 pm

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