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paid_links by Richard Vanderhurst

As the speculation over paid links continues to wage lots of trusting entrepreneurs get caught in the crossfire. They frequently hear bits and bobs of info and then have to make calls based primarily on that info. Rarely is the average business owner as totally informed as the average SEO.

Even the average SEO is in the dark a lot of the time attempting to parse statements and alerts manufactured by the search engine members.

One of the areas of bewilderment that many have referring to paid links is knowing when a paid link is truly a paid link, and when is a paid link punished. I believe a fair debate can be a payment doesn’t always need to be financial. Any quid pro quo on a link can legitimately be considered a “paid” link. But don’t fret, Google and the other engines do not work that way.

The party line is that with directories you are paying for the site review. The inclusion into the index isn’t automatic based mostly on payment. Naturally, this ignores the question why paid reviews are regarded as paid links, or why other “paid reviews” do not get the same treatment. One can only presume that somehow directories have established themselves as a valid service business that isn’t simply subject to manipulation. Except for once, the search engines failed to throw the babies out with the bath water. These directories, like every other site, are put to the test by the search engines to ascertain their legitimacy. Almost all of the top quality directories withstood and still maintain their worth while lots of the junk directories were devalued and prevented from passing link juice. Naturally, you may be careful about which list you submit to.

Simply because a list says that you are paying for a review does not make it so. And because an index doesn’t charge for inclusion doesn’t mechanically make it meaningless. Each catalog has to stand on its own merits. The most important thing to have a look for is whether submission and / or payment means automated inclusion. If the catalog you are submitting to gives a manual review of each submission, then that gives you an indication to the list’s overall credibility.

But not all directories that say they review sites essentially do. You can generally tell by doing your own review of sites listed in the directory. If enough of included sites look like rubbish then there’s a good chance the catalog itself is junk and the search may already know it. Another place to find quality directories is in your neighborhood and precise niche. Plenty of times you can find good, quality free and paid directories that have awfully high worth, both to visitors and to search engines. One thing to keep in mind with any list is if it seems to be considered a junk list by the search engines, you will not be punished by being listed.

¬†There actually is no penalty to sites listed in directories, even if those directories are thought to be junk. At worst, the index itself will not pass any link worth to your or any other sites. This is truly no different than if a nofollow tag was added to each link. If the you’re feeling you will get quality, centered traffic from any special index, then having small search engine price or nofollowed links will not matter a bit. If it is link value ‘re looking for then think about the links you will get from plenty of your website visitors alone, not simply from any single list listing.


Written by richardvanderhurst

August 11, 2009 at 7:09 pm

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