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Information Age

In today’s business environment, a domain is absolutely required. It provides an avenue for everyone to find you and learn more about you as they sit in the comfort of their houses or while waiting in line at the store.

Sadly too many business take the wrong approach to how they build and market their sites. Most corporations stop their web site development once the site is developed, and then move into selling mode.

We discuss web site promotion rather a lot, which we understand is the method of getting the site visibility on the search engines. But getting folk to the web site isn’t the end goal. The internet site is yet another something the business must have to do business, but it never completely succeeds in being a tool that works for them to generate business. With radio and TV you do not have to go out of your way to get folks to listen.

Internet sites must first be optimized to help improve traffic and visibility before they can be employed as a business generating tool. When it comes to correctly planning and executing the development and promotion of their site, well, it is a little more difficult. When building your website there actually is no one-size-fits-all pattern to follow. Your website should be built to satisfy your educational and sales wants, while being effective for your audience. While acknowledging that, there are express elements that nearly every site wants to be a good selling tool. The index page is the web “face” of your company. It won’t be the entry door for each visitor, but it is your front door and you must ensure that you have it right. To be effective, your index page must do many things:.

Create your brand: your default page sets the tone of the visitor’s expectancy. Everything from brand identity to confirmation that you can offer what they need must be established here. Display your services: Visitors need to be supplied a fast view of the products, services and info they can expect to find as they dig more deeply into the site. Convey trust: your default page can regularly be the 1st impression you give your visitors, so it has got to be able to build a factor of trust. Too many sites simply don’t provide enough–or the right–information on the current page. You must also include a physical address and doubtless even a map. This is also a handy place to display hours of operation.


Written by richardvanderhurst

July 31, 2009 at 3:40 am

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