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Richard Vanderhurst Discusses Pay-per-Click for SEO

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Internet Bidding

Pay-per-click is a term most associated with keywords. Since PPC is a type of internet advertising, keywords serve as its bridge to potential customers who click through within the different features of your site. It is a marketing method in which you are able to buy search engine placement through bidding of keywords. Although PPC programs create traffic to your site, the main goal of this program is to reach a particular outcome or conversion goal that you have set for your site.  There are two types of PPC marketing. The first type requires you to pay a fee for an actual SERP ranking while the second type involves keyword biddings in text advertisements. Richard Vanderhurst points out several advantages of PPC programs in comparison with traditional search engine optimization:

 Internet Tracking through PPC

  • No Changes Required. No need to add or change any design or element in your site. You only have to pay for the keywords you wish to target. 


  • Quick and Easy PPC Implementation. Traffic reaches your site in just a matter of minutes after you have signed up for a PPC program


  • No Specialized Knowledge Required. PPC programs do not require you to be an expert in certain applications. However, it would be beneficial to understand keywords and how they work.


Apart from the advantages, PPC programs also have limitations like SEO strategies. Richard Vanderhurst provides some recommendations to follow to get your desired goal conversion:


  • Choose Effective and Competitive Keywords. Competition among advertisers keeps biddings raised at high levels in order to stay at the top of search results. Choose competitive keywords to maintain a good ranking position.


  • Run Multiple PPC Campaigns. A good ranking in a certain search engine does not guarantee the same with other search engines since they usually see PPC programs as merely paid advertisements. Having multiple PPC campaigns will help you get higher rankings in various search engines.


  • Test your PPC service rigorously. Paid placement for advertisements does not necessarily assure the best results. It is best to begin with only a few number of keywords then test to see if it creates traffic to your site. You can then gauge if the traffic you receive brings about goal conversions from customers.


  • Track your Return on Investments. Monitor how many clicks result in goal conversions. Test your PPC ads if they are working properly by monitoring services you decide to use.

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June 6, 2009 at 9:59 pm

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