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Richard Vanderhurst Discusses Meta Search and Geo-Targeting

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Apart from the commonly used search tools such as search engines and directories, another tool makes use of results from other search engines and compiles them altogether. This is known as the meta search engine. Many people prefer using this since it gathers wide range of results from various search engines and picks out only the best ones. This, in turn, constitutes to a faster search and offers more accurate results. Meta search engines are also good contributors to site traffic. One of the well- known meta search engines that you can use is DogPile.


        Richard Vanderhurst lists three factors to consider when selecting the appropriate directory for your site:


  1. Relevance. Never fail to take notice of the connection of a directory to your site as it is essential to establishing a value to it.


  1. Quality. Be mindful of the sites that are enlisted in a particular directory. If they are outdated or filled with spam, it is best to bounce off to another.


  1. Audience. Situate your site in a directory that is mostly viewed by your specific target audience. Misplacing them elsewhere will slim the chances of getting the response and attention you need.


 In addition to proper positioning in search engines and directories, Richard Vanderhurst recommends appropriate geographical location as well. Geo-targeting is the technique that helps locate your website where it will be most accessible to your specific target market. Online purchasing is becoming a fad now days – be it searching a product on the Web and purchasing in the store or vice versa.

Therefore, it is essential for your SEO strategy to get your site listed in a local directory. Some search engines and directories may require you to include the physical location in your site while for others; enlistment in the right section of the directory is needed. Richard Vanderhurst also reminds his students that in order for your site to appear in local searches make sure that you have provided the extra information needed. Be it positioning, relevance, quality, audience or geography, it all boils down to proper location. Your SEO strategies will be futile without this important element.


Written by richardvanderhurst

May 9, 2009 at 10:23 pm

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