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Before you can successfully implement an SEO campaign, you must first recognize what you are ultimately working with: the search engine. You know how it functions and how it crawls throughout your web pages, but how do you use it to your benefit? You must learn how to work hand-in-hand with these search engines in order to achieve a higher ranking.


            Richard Vanderhurst is an expert in search engine optimization and teaches that in essence, what you’re trying to do is algorithmically capitalize your website to a top rank position. You should have this in mind when considering the many aspects of your site, such as content, graphics, structures, titles and any other elements that you have formerly learned that affect your SEO work. Things like meta-tags, links, and keywords are also important.


You must be thinking about how to make your site as open to search engines as possible. Pages must be easy to maneuver, content must be rich, relevant and refreshing, and links must always be live. In his lectures, Richard Vanderhurst suggests you use all the elements of your site to attract crawlers and in return, your site will be boosted in no time. The most vital factor that you should take away from this is that search engines aren’t looking at one aspect of your site, but rather hundreds. Make sure they are awed at every turn.


Furthermore, you’ll need to continue to entertain them throughout the life of your website. SEO is a procedure that’s never-ending. The internet and predominantly, search engines continuously change and so must your own site including the optimization strategies you use. Your efforts must shift with the “web tide”.  Richard Vanderhurst explains that staying on top of that peak search engine ranking can be a difficult task in itself, but it is vital to do so if you intend to get the most out of your site and your SEO work.



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