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Richard Vanderhurst discusses White Hat SEO

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Richard Vanderhurst

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a key process for any website holder. It can quickly improve your place in the search engine ranks. In his classes (, Richard Vanderhurst teaches the essential SEO algorithm and promotes what is called White Hat SEO. This is the positively used form of SEO in which improvements are made to your content using keywords.


Once the SEO process is put into effect, it then gives your site a higher chance of being the first site to pop up in a particular search. Richard Vanderhurst knows the importance of making your site colorful with keywords and “spiderable” by the search engine spiders and robots.


The key to White Hat SEO is to do it responsibly without spamdexing, which always brings down your results rather than picking them up. This negative form of search engine optimization, or de-optimization rather, is called Black Hat SEO. It is much frowned upon and often the engineer performing the SEO is black listed (


 Some of the main points that Richard Vanderhurst makes in his classes are the tips and tricks to a well optimized site. Well structured, indexed pages with things such as headers and footers are a must. Description and keywords throughout your site are also important, whether it is in titles or inbound links. Richard Vanderhurst insists that his students use a wide range of keywords and phrases when performing SEO. Be sure and visit ( for more tips and tricks.


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