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Tips for surviving the economic meltdown using Google by Richard Vanderhurst

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As we enter 2009, it’s great to know that the world of Information Technology and the Internet aren’t going anywhere because of a recession. In fact, the Internet is going to play a much larger role in our lives as people around the world travel less, spend more time educating themselves and most of all, save money!


Search Engine Optimization will be the most powerful weapon available to businesses looking to step ahead of the competition. Optimizing your website and utilizing the latest technology is guaranteed to give you that edge in today’s economic climate.


Unfortunately, most businesses are clueless when it comes to shopping for the right company to handle this task. Now days it seems like anyone that is capable of designing thinks they can properly optimize a client’s website, perhaps they purchased a copy of Search Engine Optimization for Dummies at their local Barns & Noble or called a friend for a few tips. The bottom line, webmasters don’t take the SEO process as a serious and a complex exercise.


Your typical web designer is more than happy to take your hard earned money and provide you with minimal if any results. I have seen too many cases where a web designer who didn’t know what they were doing actually caused the client to drop position by making simple coding mistakes.


If you have followed my blogs or any of my articles this year, you already know that Google has made quite a number of changes in it’s page rank  algorithm for 2009. I can’t emphasize enough that only a seasoned SEO engineer that has continuously monitored these changes is capable of optimizing a website to be search engine friendly, especially for 2009.


It’s no surprise Google is the largest search engine in the world and has a solid reputation for delivering quality results. If your SEO engineer is worth his or her salt, they will have the expertise to make the necessary corrections to your website that will return solid results, results that will increase your profits and exposure in spades.


Did you know that Social Networking used correctly will be one of the most powerful tools for page rank and brand awareness in 2009? I will be discussing and teaching on this subject throughout 2009. Google is looking for quality, relevant content on your site. I cannot emphasize just how important this will be next year.


If you aren’t satisfied with your current Google page rank and want a solid page one position, pay close attention to the quality of your content as Google bots are very carefully comparing your content with all the other websites related to your industry. If your content is not solid, you could find your site dropping 10 or positions next month.


Richard Vanderhurst is recognized as one of the nation’s leading authorities on Search Engine Optimization. He teaches the most advanced techniques along with the best kept secrets behind Google’s current web search algorithm to senior techs worldwide.


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December 13, 2008 at 9:19 am

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