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Google’s future revealed today by Richard Vanderhurst

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Having spent the past 6 months gathering and confirming loads of insider information, these are the answers to some very interesting questions I recently received.


Get ready, you are about to see a different Google, it’s much more than just the number one choice in search engines.


Google has over $200 billion and is adapting itself for the Web & broadband which include fiber networks, data centers, switches, servers and storage devices.


Google’s is seeking bids and installing a fiber network which can only mean that Google ultimately hopes to push massive amounts of voice, video and data close to the end user very shortly.




Get ready to throw away your cables and say hello to Wifi Google. Welcome Google Secure Access client. Think this could be science fiction? Check it out for yourselves at that’s right, Google WiFi is coming to a city near you and is currently part of a free wireless Internet service they’re offering to the city of Mountain View as part of its ongoing efforts to reach out to its hometown and it’s just the beginning.




Next, Google talk “GTalk”,, this service is now available in the USA and many places around the globe. Here’s the scoop, Google’s approach to instant communications includes instant messaging, free PC-to-PC voice calls, sending and receiving voicemails, unlimited file transfers, sending files to your contacts with no file size or bandwidth restrictions and Gmail notifications on your desktop. When you’re signed into Google Talk, you’ll be notified of new messages in your Gmail inbox and the list goes on and on. Be sure and check out a whole slew of new tools and features including 24 language bots. You’ve got to see it to believe it!


In a future release I will be discussing Video on Demand play, a service based around searching and TiVo like functionality. Is an Apple/Google partnership in the works? This could get interesting. For more releases by Richard Vanderhurst visit


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October 19, 2008 at 3:01 am

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Understanding Google’s algorithm by Richard Vanderhurst

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Search engine optimization (SEO) experts around the World spend enormous amounts of time attempting to “crack the code” to provide customers with the most bang for the buck. Most follow formulas developed online, through books and reports or attending seminars, but in the end the majority admit, it’s mostly guess work.


I have been recently accredited by several leading SEO experts for designing a “white hat” algorithm to better understand Google’s search engine behavior and “cracking the code”.


This breakthrough came by generating a large number of web and blog site farms, each containing unique content, separate ip addresses and using the exact same key words. It has been a fascinating journey watching Google’s spiders and robots decide when and how to position these sites during 2008.


Without the use of multiple sites containing the same keyword search term, it would have been next to impossible to see how Google actually positions sites. I’m not sure anyone else has actually achieved this.


Just how valuable is this discovery? The reports I have compiled provide valuable insight to understanding how Google delivers page rank and content to its audience. This was no overnight process; it’s taken nearly a year to assimilate this data by carefully watching these “test beds” as Google orchestrates the placement of these sites like pieces on a chess board.


Today, Google dominates search activity on the worldwide web. Getting top search engine placement with Google generally means more page views and greater profits for businesses.


Page-Rank is a secret algorithm for Google that to this day, has never been revealed and Page-Rank provides the basis for all the web search tools. Here’s how it works, important, high-quality sites receive a higher Page-Rank which Google remembers each time it conducts a search. Google combines Page-Rank with sophisticated text-matching techniques to find pages that are both important and relevant to a search, ingenious!


Google developed these strategies years ago to eliminate people from buying top positions based on the size of their wallets. Google gives its audience, in my opinion, the best results for any given keyword search.


Undoubtedly my data will become increasingly valuable to major corporations in the months and years to come because Google is constantly changing the way it ranks pages, about every 90 days and my sites will follow these changes, thus revealing Google’s new strategy each time as the pages change position.


The fact is, most people have no idea how much Google is growing. According to a number of important public market investors in the tech world, Google is expected to have 90% of market share less than a year from now. has thrown in the towel conceding four percent market share. AOL threw in the towel when they ripped out their innovative 3D-esque search called Full View and Microsoft and Yahoo are stuck in meetings deliberating for at least the next 12-24 months.


Google invested in talent and infrastructure over the past two years while Yahoo has laid people off. Finally, many people have internal stats showing Google already having 80% of the market share right now.


I plan on consulting with a limited number of Fortune 1000 companies over the next few years. I can show them how to stop wasting hundreds of hours of valuable time chasing algorithms and how to gain top SEO placement using “white hat” techniques that will stand the test of time at the top of the Google’s search engine ranking.”

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October 14, 2008 at 10:06 am

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